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Spectacular 3D Street Art

3D Street Art, also known as 3D Chalk Art is a defining 2 dimensional artwork drawn on streets that gives gives us a 3 dimensional optical illusion from a specific point of view. It is an extremely difficult art to revitalize, however, with the correct angle, and determination, the effect is worth it. Here are some of the most interesting 3D Street Art. (From HongKiat.com) (Credits to Edgar Mueller)

River of Death: That caught you doesn’t it? Well, it does captivate us with it’s realistic art and perfect angle. Don’t worry, you can go across the floor with no problem. Or, is it? 

Icy Abyss. No, no. This is a very normal street I assure you. Try to drive a car on the road. Nothing will happen. If your car freezes up or ended in flames, well, that’s got to be an illusion. Or, is it?

More 3D Arts to come! (Credits goes to HongKiat.com and Edgar Mueller and metanamorph.com)  Written by: Xypherius (one of the administrator)

Musical Genius: Hans Zimmer

Xypherius here. This man has become my aspiration and inspiration in terms of musical composition. Apart from being gifted in music, he is also humble and positive in life. 

Hans Florian Zimmer, born on 12th September 1957, is a great music producer, and German film composer. Composed over a hundred of music in films, he had also attained countless award in musical composition. He had already made his mark in the world of music, and now he’s making more.  He is the head of the film music division AT DreamWorks and the head of his own composer company Hans Zimmer Studio, and also the head of Remote Control Productions. 

Some of his notable works: The Lion King (1994), Crimson Tide (1995), Gladiator (2000), Black Hawk Down (2001), Pearl Harbor, The Last Samurai (2003), The Dark Knight (2008) and Inception (2010). His current notable works include the Pirates of the Caribbean series, and the Hobbit series. 

Hans Zimmer has been famous for giving new, powerful, and emerging breath to the orchestra music with his integration of electronic music in traditional orchestra music. 

He has won four Grammy Awards, three Classical BRIT Awards, an Academy Award and two Golden Globes. The Daily Telegraph named him in the Top 100 Living Geniuses.

Let us hope he can create more great music to inspire us, and to inspire others.

Check your parking before you park…

I found out that you always need to check the parking before you actually park. You don’t want your Lamborghini to end up smashed into the ground. Then again, it might not happen. (by Xypherius)

3D Street Art #2

Okay, I am here again to show to you some more of interesting 3D art. We cannot help but love the artist responsible for this phenomenon work of art. Xypherius here, at your service. :)

Here we have the Raft. It is an interesting piece of art drawn on the streets. The street is heavily flooded, so just take the raft and go. Don’t actually do that will you? You’ll damage the streets. Keep on smiling, because there’s more.

3D Street Art #3

Allright. This is a very peculiar 3D art, but breathtaking nonetheless. The man is in a lot of trouble. We can help him, but he is not in trouble actually. Or, again, is it? Xypherius thinks not. 

Revolution of Music

Music is a very definitive art form that are capable of touching people’s hearts. For centuries long, music has been the very core of expression, emotion and passion. Serving to entertain and create harmonic expression, the growth of music is rapid and endless. It continues to march forward through time. In the 60’s, musician became rather creative with their composition. It was at this time the world was introduced to the legendary Beatles, a group of outstanding musician. Genres such as blues, jazz, rock and others began to form their own distinctive branch. Then we knew about the Rolling Stones. 

In the 80’s, pop and dance music was the trend. Music started to be composed using electronics and synthesizers. New wave of dance music replaces the 70’s disco music. Most prominently, two figures rose to stardom in music and has forever changed how music was enjoyed; the King of Pop Michael Jackson and the Queen of Pop, Madonna. Both was noted to be very successful, and continued their streaks in the following years. Michael’s best album of all time, Thriller, took the world of music by storm. Essentially, the 90’s continued on this path with greater musical improvements.

Then came the new age, the 2000’s. At this point, countless people contributed to the growth of popular music, with sites like Youtube leading the helm. Youtube helped artists showcases their talents, and had effectively assisted in finding new young artists to join the federation of music. Japanese pop and other music took this chance to forge their rise. 

Fourteen years later, it is 2014. A new year that expects the outburst of music from an already powerful state. Starting from 2005 onwards, a new wave, called the Hallyu Wave, or Korean wave, began to rise, and took the world’s attention with their dancing acts, talented artist and great songs. They gained a prominent name, known simply as K-POP.

The Revolution of Music never stopped. It is just kept growing.

So, we’ll see what surprises 2014 has for it in terms of music. 


Ellen June is an artist from Canada who uses air-drying clay, wire, glaze and acrylic paint to create these amazingly beautiful sculptures of fantasy animals. Each sculpture is handmade and painted with no more tools than fingers and a paint brush, completely unique and produced in a fluid and intuitive manner. With inspiration derived from animal physiology and a love of the fantastic, grotesque and absurd, each sculpture is completely unique. She’s absolutely incredible. 

(Source: katelouisepowell)


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